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Our team members

Your trusted jewelers

We are very proud of our warm, dedicated and professional staff. We do everything to make you feel comfortable from the first moment. This is ensured by our passionate and skilled sales team. Stop by and meet our employees up close.


Domna Kaskanis

Online Store Manager and Certified Sales Representative

Domna Kaskani has always had a passion for jewelry. He comes from a family that is already the third generation working in the jewelry industry. Having already worked behind our counter during school and university, he eventually became a full-time employee andOnline Store Manager and Sales Specialist in Kon. G. Mouzos Handmade Jewelry Repairs-Manufacturing.


Kostas Mouzos

Owner and Goldsmith

Konstantinos G. Mouzos is the owner of "KoStantonG. Mouzos Handmade Jewelry Repairs-Manufacturing". He is our expert in diamonds and gold, so our qualified jeweler. He always finds the ideal piece of jewelry for each customer, so he can answer all your questions comprehensively and professionally.

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