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Our Philosophy

"The wedding is one of the most important and beautiful moments in everyone's life! Therefore, Mouzos Jewelers stands by your side timelessly on such occasions, presenting you with unique wedding rings that will offer all the brilliance needed for the official union with your partner! The needs for the right choice of wedding ring are significant! Every newlywed couple wants to wear their gold rings every day, with the assurance that they not only make a beautiful stylistic choice but are also resistant to time. Understanding all the high demands that exist, Mouzos Jewelers offers a huge collection of handmade gold, white gold, rose gold, and two-tone wedding & engagement rings at the best market prices! Beautiful color combinations, modern rings, classic rings, and many other gold proposals stand out from our vast variety! Choose the ring that suits your size along with the engraving text (and font) you desire and experience all the magic! With our personal goldsmith workshop, the options we provide are literally countless. The top one of these is the ability to customize the final price of your rings according to their size, thus maintaining the lowest prices! These great options, combined with the excellent quality of all the gold rings from Mouzos Jewelers, are indeed key reasons they remain at the top of public preferences over time. Enjoy the complete range of rings we maintain at Mouzos Jewelers either at our physical store at 12 Aipytou Street in Kalamata, or you can place your order through our online store to prepare your own wedding rings. The best moments of your life are our personal concern!"


Wedding rings and their symbolism have a long history.


Wedding rings hide powerful symbolism and begin their journey in history over 4,800 years ago. According to tradition, the custom of the wedding ring began in ancient Egypt 4,800 years ago. The materials from which the first wedding rings were made were not very durable and were later replaced by leather and bones. The more expensive the material, the greater the love shown by the giver to the recipient.

The circle as a shape, which has neither beginning nor end, was the symbol of eternity even in ancient times. Later, the Romans made rings of iron and wore them on the fourth finger of the left hand. This was done because they believed that the vein leading directly to the heart passed from there. Few, wealthier Romans used gold or silver, wanting to deposit a piece of their wealth in the hands of their spouse. In Christian tradition, rings appeared around 860 AD. However, we find them in their present form from the 13th century onwards.

The Italians gave a more glamorous dimension to this ancient custom. They believed that diamonds were formed from the "flames of love" and represented eternal and everlasting love. That's why those who could afford it would give a diamond to their wife.

Wedding rings are jewelry that must remain timelessly elegant because they are worn forever. Wedding rings symbolize the faith, dedication, and eternal love of a couple who decide to unite their lives in the sacred bonds of marriage. They are one of the unique pieces of jewelry that adorn both spouses' hands permanently. For this reason, it must match their personality and tastes. Beyond the aspect of aesthetics, the comfortable fit and their durability over time play an important role in the choice of rings by the couple.

Thus, wedding rings are a symbol of true love that should be shared from now on by both, as well as a commitment to remain faithful to each other.

The most common rings with a stable value are gold ones. White gold rings are also quite preferred by young couples. They may also be two-tone (a combination of yellow gold and white gold), thin or thicker, with a hammered or carved surface. More modern designs of rings include discreet precious stones on their surface, such as brilliant-cut diamonds. Also, a modern proposal consists of rings in rose gold, which in recent years have gained the love of the public.

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